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Lawrence Cutts  - all the way from Surrey, England, with his cool son posing with "The Falcon" at In N Out
- Baldwin Park, CA. (Thanks for the Jelly Babies, Lawrence!)
1978 Volkswagen Scirocco  "Leela" - Owned by Andy Oldham  -Sheffield, England,
 (the car lives in L.A though)
Owned: 4 1/2 years (so far)
What I love most about the car: Looks, Giugiaro scored a blinder with this one! I love mk1's, they're just perfect!
Fondest memory of the car: Driving from Seattle WA to San Jose CA in one day,
 and being passed by only 1 car (that had curious flashing red and blue lights on top) in 1000 miles.
 She only had a 1600cc engine at the time, but has really long gearing, and cruised pretty happily at 80-90mph all day long.
*Vintage Rubber is not responsible for any Team Member's driving habits,
 and does not condone nor endorse the practice of disobeying any traffic laws  Hee hee;)
Eric Dion's 1980 Scirocco- Carneys Point, New Jersey - in process of some incredible modifications.
...perfect time to change out all those dry and rotten seals, for some brand new ones!
"2.0 16v with be pistons and rods, port and polished fully built head 
with high rev springs, 280 schrick cams, hyabusa itbs, with patatron 
megasquirt. I'm having the whole car repainted, rust taken out, and 
rabbit arches grafted for corrado widened steelies. The paint I'm 
keeping a secret but I'll shoot you some pics when it's all done."
Can't wait to see it finished, Eric


Joel Erkkinen's 1982 VW Rabbit named "Der Zombi Hase" - St. Paul, MN
Owned for 3 years.
What do you love most about your car:  It's character
Fondest memory of the car:  Welding in -20 degree weather out in a
garage without heat.

Lawrence Cutts - Surrey, England
"It is a 1980 Scirocco ‘Storm’ which was a UK special edition Gli  
with leather and front spoiler plus a few other details.
 I have owned the car for about 15 years
and most admire the minimalist,
 lightweight approach to the whole design.
It’s a great toy!"
Jim Buys - Oklahoma City
1984 Jetta GLI
Owned 5 years.
What do you love most about your car: The sound of the dual sidedrafts on the 16v!
Fondest memory of the car: Cruising the Autobahn in germany with it.
Herman Carrick's Datsun 280Z  - Blountville Tenn.
This is a few things I have done to my the car.
Holley 600 dbl pumper carb.
Crane DA 290 Cam.
 4 point roll Bar.
Center Line Wheels.
Adj coilover susp. Koni shocks.
She sat in my basement for 20 yrs,
March of 2010 I decided to put her back on the road.
The guy that painted the car in 1982 painted it again in June 2011.
He works for Bell helicopter in Bristol Tn.
It took us about 13 months to get the car to were it is now.

 Makito Nakagami MK1 GTI - Hyogo Prefecture Japan

Makito Nakagami's MK1 Golf GTI and His Buddy's MK1 Scirocco
Sasayama City/Hyogo Prefecture Japan

Ricky Elliot's 1980 VW Dasher - Sacramento, CA
I saved this car a few months ago.
If I didn't buy it, it was going to pick n pull the same day. 
I paid $160 for it and $40 in parts to get it running after sitting for 12 yrs in a back yard.
I fitted ronal r11 turbo wheels and lowered the car.
Great little diesel that gets about 40 mpg!

 Kevin Brislawn's
1978 620 series Datsun Pick Up
Bought it in S.California around march 1978 at Santa Ana Datsun dealer Cash: $4110.00!
Moved to Oregon in 1979- was the marriage truck for the honeymoon ride to Mckenzie River
September 20th 1980
Original owner since 1978
I was 26 years old when I bought this baby!