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Scirocco MK1 Seal Kit

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Price: $895.00
Woops! Looks like we need to make more of these! Please tell us you need these!
Item Number: KIT53100

Seal kit for the 1975-1981 MK1 Scirocco.

Comes with everything we sell to seal up your MK1 Scirocco ( Except for the Front Triangle Vent Glass)... Enough for the entire car all in one bundle and saving over $200.00!
-Windshield Seal * (Choose: OEM Grooved for chrome trim, or 'Cal Style' Smooth )
-Rear Hatch Glass Seal * (Choose: OEM Grooved for chrome trim, or 'Cal Style' Smooth )
-Inner and Outer Roll-Up Window Scrapers for both doors

-1/2" Channel window guides - enough length for both doors

- Roll Up window Mitered Channel seals for both doors

-Door Seal. Enough length to do both doors

-Rear Quarter Glass seals for both sides

-Trunk Lid Seal.

-Wind/Rain Upper Door Deflector both doors

-Rain Tray to Hood seal.


 *( We aren't making the Front Triangle Glass Seal. Sorry )

* Specify either Smooth "Cal Style" or Grooved OEM style for metal trim.

Verify each piece by selecting each item with the radio button for accuracy.

Weight - Approx: 27 pounds.
Photo to show placement only. May not represent actual product.

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Front Windshield Seal - Choose Grooved or Smooth*
Rear Hatch Glass - Choose Groved or Smooth*
Door Seal - Length for Both Doors*
1/2" Window Guide - Length for Both Doors*
Mitered Window Chanel - Passenger*
Mitered Window Chanel - Drivers*
Rear Quarter - Drivers*
Rear Quarter - Passenger*
Rain Tray To Hood Seal*
Rear Hatch*
Upper Door Rain Deflectors*
Inner Scraper - Drivers Door*
Outer Scraper - Drivers Door*
Inner Scraper - Passenger Door*
Outer Scraper - Passenger Door*