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What is Vintage Rubber All About?
We are a U.S. based business started by enthusiasts who owned, and drove these wonderful vintage cars daily and saw a need to keep these beauties on the road!

We pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly, and treating you like the enthusiast and the friend you are! We don't want to be that faceless corporation that doesn't care about you or your car. We want you happy.

Everyone on the Vintage Rubber Team own, drive and love our vintage machines, and we wouldn't pass along any product to you that we wouldn't put on out own cars!
Vintage Rubber is all about you, and your restoration needs. We offer brand new OEM-quality parts made ONLY in the U.S.A. at the best prices we can. These are all brand new stock, not something that's been drying out on a warehouse shelf  for decades. Brand new stuff made where we can watch and keep the quality as high as possible ! 

We strive to get the parts to you quickly...even overseas! ...(as best we can).
We are your best, and sometimes only, source for these impossible to find pieces. Many of our products have been discontinued by the manufacturer, and availability becomes less and less as time goes on. We have the resources to re-engineer and re- produce brand new products at a very high standard right here in the U.S.
Great time and care has been taken to get as close as we can to OEM standards, with many fits, and re-fits of our products on actual daily driver cars. We really strive to get it just right! We don't want to sell a piece that we wouldn't proudly put on our own car.
We also welcome requests from you about  items that could be added to the dwindling global supply. Feel free to use the Contact Us page and let us know what's on your mind.
We have found that the only thing better than a top quality part, is the ability to get that part to you fast. Making you wait is not our style. We do our best to get your items shipped out quick as we can.
We do have a return policy, but our goal is to never have to use it! If there's ever a problem, just E-Mail us. We have no problem giving you individual attention when you need it.
Don't be afraid to let us know how we're doing...we can only get better!!
Thanks for the interest.
The Vintage Rubber Team